Hear from past residents

"I have spent the past year living at WLV apartments and my time spent here has been both pleasant and has far exceeded my original expectations. The staff at WLV are helpful, ethical, punctual, and they are most importantly oriented around making new tenants as comfortable as possible. When I traveled here to Hawaii to complete my degree, Harry and Marilynn made me feel at home and provided me with a seamless transition into my new apartment. I would highly recommend to those traveling from destinations outside of Hawaii, to make WLV apartments their home during their duration in Hawaii. "

-James W. Darden IV
 San Luis Obispo, CA
 Cell and Molecular Biology

"Waiakea Lagoon View Apartments is the best apartments for rent in Hilo. It is located near the beautiful Waiola State Park and in one of the convenient areas of the city. The owners and the management team are very kind and helpful. They make sure to provide a safe and quiet environment for residents."

-Yoshitaka Miike Ph.D
Professor in Communications, University of Hawaii - Hilo
- Jing Yin Ph.D
Professor in Communications, University of Hawaii - Hilo

" 初めての異国の地にたった一人で生活を始めることはとても不安なことです。 そんな不安もこのアパートに着いた初日にふっとびました。日本語も話せる日系人の大家さんが、空港までお迎えに来てくれ、部屋に案内してくれた後、近くのホームセンターに身の回りの必要なものを買いに連れて行ってくれました。 スーツケースひとつでやってきたわたしは、すべての家具や、食器や、ベッドシーツまで揃っている部屋で何の不自由もなく新しい生活をスタートすることができました。風邪をひいて寝込んでいたときに、大家さんが持ってきて下さった梅干しののったお粥には涙が出るほどうれしかったです。車で大事故を起こし、病院のベッドで気がついたときも、大家さんが心配して駆けつけてくれました。異国の地において信用出来る人に囲まれ、安心して生活ができることが何より大切なことだと思います。それによって目的を達成できるのです。ハワイ滞在中5年間あたたかいアロハに包まれて本当に大切な時間を過ごせたことに今感謝しています。 "

-かわち みき

"Starting a new life alone at a new place where you have never been is always anxious. Despite my anxiety, they made me feel very at home. The owner of the apartment came to pick me up at the airport, then after showing me the room, they took me to Walmart for shopping. The apartment was furnished even with dishware, the internet service. I was able to start a very comfortable life with one suitcase. when I came down with the flu, the owner of the apartments, Esther, brought me Okayu with ume( Japanese style home remedy food), which touched my heart. When I got involved in a big car accident, they have taken care of me. When living abroad, what is most important is to feel secured with people you can trust. That would lead to accomplish your goal.Those five years of my stay in this apartment is a very precious memory surrounded by people filled with aloha."

-Miki Kawachi
 Shizuoka, Japan
 Hawaiian Studies

"Waiakea Lagoon View apartments have been my home since July 2008. This was my first time in Hilo, and the owners and managers of WLV have been nothing but helpful and welcoming! The apartments are newly remodeled, clean, and very safe and cozy. It’s very important to me to feel at home when I’m in a new place, and WLV has become my new home. Each apartment is fully furnished with everything you need, and the staff is always willing to help if you have any problems or concerns. Going to school full-time, having a sanctuary at home is essential, and WLV apartments are the perfect place for a student to relax and get homework done, but close enough that you have everything you need a few blocks away. I plan on staying here as long as I reside in Hawaii, and would recommend living here to anyone that needs a home away from home."

-Amanda Meholchick
 Ashley, PA
 College of Pharmacy

"Waiakea Lagoon view apartments are beautiful and quiet apartments for students like myself. I love how the appatrments are so close to school. I have lived at Waiakea Lagoon apartments for over a year now & I love it. The owners and staff are so friendly and helpful. I feel very safe here as well. The apartments are very clean and beautiful with hard wood floors, fans, and fully furnished. I love living here because it's a home away from home. Waiakea Lagoon View apartments have made my experience of going to school away from home very pleasurable. I would recommend these apartments too anyone. I wouldn't live anywhere else!!!"

-Liana Erickson
 Waimanalo, HI

2004" 年から5年間ずっとこのアパートで過ごしました。各部屋2年前から改装しているのでとてもきれいで、もし壊れている箇所があった場合管理人さんに言えば直してくれるのでもしトイレなどが壊れたときでも安心です。また、そのとき英語がしゃべれなくてもアパートの管理人さんが日本語しゃべれるので安心です。
電気代、インターネット、家具もそろっており、自分は最初スーツケース一つでこのアパートに来ました。それでいてこの値段は安いと思います。学生寮等学生が多いとパーティーなどが開かれうるさくなりがちですが、とても静かなので勉強もしやすい環境になっています。また、郵便物が留守時に届いた場合、本来ならば自分で郵便局等まで取りに行かなければならないところをオフィスで一時的に預かっていてくれるためものすごく助かります。もしどこに住むかまだ迷っているのであればここにするべきです。 "

- T 村S治(23)

"I have lived in this apartment for more than five years since 2004. Each room is nice and clean due to the constant renovation. If there is any problem such as bathroom problem, manager soon takes care of it. There is no worry if you have problem in speaking English, the caretaker speaks Japanese.
The apartment is furnished with all the electricity expense, internet fee is included. I came here with just one suitcase. Considering that, the rent is very reasonable. Usually students dormitory gets really noisy when they party, but here it is very quiet. It is an ideal place for studying. What I appreciate is that when you receive a package, if you are not home, the apartment office will keep it for you, so you don’t have to go to the post office to get it. If you are still looking for a place to stay, this is the place."

-Shuji Takemura
 Tokyo, Japan
 Computer Science

"I have been at Waiakea Lagoon View Apartments for the last year and it has met my needs, as a student, well. The staff has been very hospitable and has helped me with various problems that have transpired, such as locking myself out of my apartment. The atmosphere is great for aspiring students with accommodations with furnishings, quiet suitable for studying, and a great community of fellow students. The complex also offers cable and internet connection and other amenities. The apartments are at an ideal location for me because it is a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute drive to The University of Hawaii at Hilo and just as close to downtown Hilo . Also, right next to the complex is a park with a lagoon, a nice place for a picnic. The rent is reasonable and includes utilities to a certain extent."

-Bradley Miyashiro
 Honolulu, HI
 College of Pharmacy

"I have lived at Waiakea Lagoon View apartments for approximately two years. As a graduate student at UH Hilo, I have enjoyed the convenient location, quiet atmosphere, friendly staff, reasonable rent, and furnished units. I would highly recommend looking into living at Waiakea Lagoon View Apartments to fellow students moving to Hilo as they provide flexible semester lease agreements."

-Aimee Deliramich
 Gillette, WY
 Masters In Counseling

"As a pharmacy student at the University of Hawaii at Hilo-College of Pharmacy, it is quite convenient and enjoyable living in the Waiakea Lagoon View Apartments. It is a quiet area in the middle of downtown Hilo, with the infamous Cafe 100 right next door, and the UH-Hilo campus, Starbucks Coffee and Longs Drugs within minutes way. My neighbors are very friendly and considerate, and a lot of them my colleagues.The management and staff run a good system, and are very pleasant and down to earth people. This past semester, we were offered a slight discount to promote recycling our cans and bottles. Also, for those who are not originally from Hilo, we were offered a discounted rate to hold our apartments for the summer breaks. I have felt comfortable and safe living in these apartments and intend to continue to do so until I graduate."

- Ashley F.
 Honolulu, HI
 College of Pharmacy

" 英語がぜんぜん話せない状態で留学をしたため、不安でいっぱいでしたし、寂しくて眠れない夜もありました。でも、留学生活を順調に終えることが出来たのも、アパートのオーナー夫妻の優しく暖かい支えがあったからだと思います。WLVアパートメントには、ハワイ大学の学生がたくさん住んでおり、友達も出来るし、学生寮と違い静かな環境で勉強もはかどります。ケーブルテレビや高速インターネットもつながっているし、お部屋も広く、きれいなので日本のワンルームとは全く違います。大学からのシャトルバスがあるのも助かりました。何か困ったことがあっても、 24 時間マイケルさんがすぐに駆けつけてくれました。留学生活を快適に過ごすには、住む場所の選択がとても重要です。勉強にも買い物にも遊びに行くにも、WLVは最適な場所だと思います。素敵な場所で留学生活を過ごせ、アパートの皆さんにはとても感謝しています。 "

- Asuka.

"I lived in the WLV Apt from August, 2004 to May, 2007. When I decided studying abroad, I could not speak English well. I felt uneasy and lonely. However Mr. and Mrs. Noguchi, the owner, treated me as one of the family. Without their support and kindness, I could never have graduated from the UHH. I would like to express special thanks to all of the Apt who helped me to live alone in Hawaii. A lot of students going to the UHH lives in the Apt. I made friends who come from different countries. The quiet, friendly, and secure environment made me comfortable, and I could make progress in study. When I had something trouble such as the next room was so noisy in midnight, the toilet was backed up, etc, Michael, the caretaker, came immediately and took care of them in 24 hours. The room was clean and large; the Cable Television and the high-speed Internet were connected unlike the university dormitories. I used the shuttle bus when I went to the UHH and back. I think the choice of the place to live in is very important to make good use of your student life in Hawaii. I recommend the WLV Apt."

- Asuka Iwai.
 Osaka, Japan

我們一家自二零零七年在這裡住了差不多兩年,對這裡的一切都非常滿意。我們的住宅很寛闊,家具也足夠。戶主和員工都很友善。周圍的環境非常寧靜及舒適又毗鄰一個小湖。湖裡有很多野鴨,有些已經成為我們的朋友。我們很喜歡看鴨媽媽帶著寶寶在湖裡遊玩。這裡靠近市區、農夫市場、機場及大學,我的女兒在那裡主修天文學。我們衷心推薦這棟公寓大樓。 "

- 陳祖賢

"My family has been staying here for about 2 years since 2007 and we are very happy with the accommodation. Our apartment is spacious and adequately furnished. The owners and serving staff are very friendly and helpful. The environment is quiet and comfortable with a lagoon nearby. There are wide ducks around and some have become our friends. We enjoy seeing the mother ducks and their ducklings swimming in the lagoon. The place is close to downtown, farmer’s market, airport and University where my daughter is studying astronomy. We highly recommend this apartment."

- TY Chan.
 Hong Kong, China